East Coast Crawl (8 May – 16 July 2017)

Trip Summary – Cricket to Cook

After a prolonged and complex start we finally found ourselves on our own and able to focus on the big trip ahead. It was 8:30am at Greenock Cricket Ground, South Australia on Monday, 8 May 2017 after saying goodbye to Chris’s Mum and Dad the previous day and then Nathan our son that morning, we felt in some ways the two and half year trip was really just commencing.

The East Coast Crawl had started, the main objectives for this leg of our journey was to first reach Cooktown in time to commence the Cape York phase of our trip and along the way complete all the Mile Beaches on the Eastern Seaboard north of Sydney.

We managed to reach Cooktown with time to spare. We also completed all the mile beaches so now, New South Wales and Queensland mile beaches are complete, there are also only two beaches in Victoria at Wilson’s Promontory to finish that state. We will complete these beaches when the time comes to travel down to Tassie.

There have been some exciting and interesting events, excursions during the East Coast Crawl:

Details and Data

Start Location Greenock, South Australia
End Location Cooktown, Queensland
Days Travelling 17 (24%) Camping/Exploring 53 (76%) Total 70
Distance Travelled 8042km
Fuel purchased 1749.5 litres $2,281.81 (Avg $1.30/Ltr)
Fuel Consumption 20.8Ltr/100km
Dmax Servicing Townsville, 30,000km General
Kokoda Servicing Coffs Harbour, 10,000km General
Mile Beaches 7 in NSW, 6 in QLD Cycle 4, Car 2, Walk 4,
Car/Cycle 1, Car/Walk 2
Accommodation No. of Nights Cost
Free Camp 27 (39%) $0.00
RV Friendly 12 (17%) $132.00
National Parks 13 (19%) $217.50
Caravan Park 18 (26%) $639.90
Hotel/Motels 0 $0.00
Total 70 $989.40

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