Atherton Tablelands

This rich country side of dairy farms and all other agriculture which is the “food bowl of QLD”. Our lead in us up into the misty mountain range and the first of many waterfalls to visit was the spectacular Millstream Falls.  Here we also read about the massive army training camps set up during World War II to prepare our troops for battle in islands to the north.

Millaa Millaa was the place of waterfalls, within a 12km trek we visited; Millaa Milla Falls, Zillie Falls and Elinjaa Falls.  As darkness was descending we camped the night in the mountain rainforest before trekking further thru the drizzle and prime dairy farmland, headed out of the clouds down to quaint Herberton an historic timber town.  At Herberton Historic Village we were amazed by all the early pioneer artifacts within the 60 historic exhibition buildings on display. My favourite was the 130 year old Elderslie House – I would have loved to have been of wealthy origins back in those times.  Chris enjoyed the old Heidelberg printing press in the Herberton Times building.

Then it was back down to the coast to complete Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas the last on our list for Queensland. This was a very expensive Mile Beach, as I just had to add to my wardrobe a few basics (million dollar bathers are a must). It was lovely to also catch up with Di and her partner Mal residing at Newall Beach just north of Mossman. I had worked with Di years ago and they had left Canberra to live the dream in 2014 currently working their way up the east coast.

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