Boundary Bend Olives

This was our fourth job in less than six months, and we only moved 12km to get to this one.

We only became aware of the employment opportunity while we were working at Almas Almonds. Having applied before Covid-19 became a real issue in Australia things had changed by the time we were ready to commence work for Boundary Bend Olives . Prior to starting work, we undertook 14 days Covid-19 quarantine in our caravan at the Boundary Bend Caravan Park.  All employees were required to undertake Covid-19 tests and 14 days quarantine. Boundary Bend Olives for the duration of the quarantine provided us with food medical supplies if required. This was an incredible achievement on behalf of the management and staff at Boundary Bend Olives to provide the facilities and arrangements for our safety and wellbeing.

Our son Nathan who was unluckily separated from his partner who was in Sri Lanka. Nathan joined us to work on the olive harvest. Joanne and I worked one of the harvesters while Nathan’s job was involved as a tractor runner. His task was to swap over the tractor bins for the harvesters and deliver the produce to trucks who then delivered the fruit to the processing factory. This process happened about every two hours.

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