About us

Jo and ChrisWe, Chris and Joanne (Jo) are a young 50 something couple who have three grown up siblings. After years working in varying roles, including 16 years running our own business and even more years bringing up our family in Canberra, we are finally set to do what has always been one of our burning ambitions – to explore the vast and remote regions of this country.

For many years we started dreaming in our retirement to explore Australia. Around 2012-2013 we started talking about a possible five-year plan.  However, that goal soon changed to a three-year, then something to set as a goal for our 30th wedding anniversary year in 2018.

Mile Beach Club

So what’s the Mile Beach Club all about well there is some history to this so at your have to check out The Making of the Mile Beach Club (Rated PG)

The Final Decision

In the past few years Chris has had his share of health issues and we had both lost some very close friends far too young to leave this world and other friends battling huge health dilemmas in their lives. A decision was made to grab today and do what we had to do to make this dream a reality!

The kids were independent and living their own lives so our feelings were that now the best time to make a real start before life presented any changes that might delay or prevented us from leaving.

We agreed that March 2017 would be the time to hit the road. So the hard work started in May 2016!

Details of our Preparation