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Quarantine time @ Arrino.

I am writing this from the confines of our Caravan which is located on the CBH site at Arrino, WA. So much has happened in the past 12 months, but we all are aware of the impact the fires in Eastern Australia and Covid-19 has had on us all.

In some respects we have been very fortunate, at the outbreak of Covid-19 we were working at Almas Almonds on the Victorian side of the Murray River.  We were hoping to attend Confest April 2020 however this did not eventuate for obvious reason. Just to indicate we are still travelling around.

Employer Location Activity Distance (km)
CBH Arrino, WA Grain Receival Operators 3,881
Rest Point Caravan Park Walpole, WA Cleaners 743
Almas Almonds Boundary Bend, Vic Harvest Operators 3,094
Boundary Bend Olives Boundary Bend, Vic Harvest Operators 12
BlazeAid Braidwood, NSW Building Fences 839
CBH Arrino, WA Grain Receival Operators 4193
Total 12,762*

* Note 1: Suggested driving distance London, UK to Shanghai, China is 11,700km
Note 2: Flying distance from Sydney to Los Angeles is 12,047km

Following are our working adventures:

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The following map will periodically indicate our progression around Australia. The seagull should indicate the last reported location. Also don’t forget to check out the beach reports as we intend to complete all the mile beaches along the way.

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East Coast Crawl
 Cape York track colour Cape York
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