Where We Are

Hi. Ho… Hi. Ho… It’s off to work we go.

After spending the first half of 2019 living apart; Joanne in Canberra and Chris in Tasmania we finally got back together and moved in with her mother in Canberra for a few week.

It wasn’t long though and we would get back on the road and head to Western Australia to work. We returned to  Arrino CBH Receival site for the 2019/2020 grain harvest. You may ask why go 3881km just for a causal position. Well I guess there were a few reasons:

  • We really missed the open road, travelling and our caravan,
  • The last six months had been difficult caring for parents, passing of my father Vale Peter Toogood,
  • We had very positive experience the previous year at Arrino and had developed many friendships in the West,
  • Special shout-out to Kaye, Jimmy, Elodie and of course baby Darcy

Following are our working adventures:

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The following map will periodically indicate our progression around Australia. The seagull should indicate the last reported location. Also don’t forget to check out the beach reports as we intend to complete all the mile beaches along the way.

Icon Description
Where we are Where we are
East Coast Crawl
 Cape York track colour Cape York
 Track Strip colour marker Cairns to Darwin
  Central Australia
Gone West
Blue Track marker Western Australia