Almas Almonds

On recommendation from our good friends Alec and Jan we applied for work at Almas Armonds. It was one of the best decisions we have made on this Aussie trip.

We packed up and farewelled Walpole and drove 3,094km to Robinvale, VIC. Located on the picturesque Murray River. This area is one of Australia’s premier agricultural food bowls. Courtesy of the water from the Murray so many varieties of fruit, nuts and vegetables are grown in the Robinvale district. As vegetarians I thought this was a better fit for us Almond Harvesting than working for a cattle baron in the Kimberleys.

Joanne and I worked different shifts and different parts of the Almond harvesting process. Joanne basically had her dream job driving an industrial size blower-vac machine, it is called a sweeper and is designed to sweep and blow the almonds into neat wind rows between the rows of trees.

My job was to drive the pickup harvester. Together with my bank-out buddy (Thanks Tom, you’re a legend) I operated from dawn to dusk. Thanks also must go to the great managers and staff at Almos Almond who really made us feel very welcome and part of a special team.

A couple of incidents did happen while we were there including assisting in apprehending a very drunk driver and Chris obtaining a black eye. Incidents were completely unrelated.

It was while we were working at Almos Almond that Covid-19 started to be a concern in Australia.

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