Fast Track to Kimberley’s

Just as we were exiting Exmouth we received advise that we had a job offer to manage a Caravan Park near Purnululu National Park, otherwise known as the Bungle Bungle’s so we fast tracked it over 2,000km to the East Kimberleys.

Things didn’t work out as exactly as we initially planned so we left our first stint of employment after three weeks. We did however get to visit the Bungles during our time there. Once we moved on we were looking for a quiet place to hold up for a few days before meeting up with Aunty Mareen and Uncle Malcolm so the designated place was Wolf Creek Crater.

As it turned out Wolf Creek Crater was a great place to meet some other very interesting people as well. One surprising chance encounter was with Chaosinatincan who we had been closely following on Instagram. It was a pleasure and honor to finally meet up with them we shared many stories about  other travelling friends.

We also met three young vibrant men, Paruku Park Rangers who were contracted, assisting to eradicate weeds and other introduced species around Wolf Creek Crater. After some interesting conversations, with Jamie, Lachie and Abraham we were invited to their small community a days drive down the Tanami Road and across to the Lake Gregory.

It was a privilege to visit this very remote aboriginal community, we were very much welcomed into the Mulan Aboriginal community which included a welcome to country ceremony by community elder on the shoreline of Lake Gregory.

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