Four Mile Beach (QLD12965)

Beach trip report

General Location Port Douglas
Aboriginal Tribe/Language Group Yirrganydji people
Access to beach Road access to beach
Beach Classification Tide Modified – Ultradissipative
Start Date/Time 5 July 2017 11:08
Start Location (inc Lat/Log) S16° 31.731’ E145° 28.733’
End Date/Time 5 July 2017 12:02
End Location (inc Lat/Log) S16° 29.149’ E145° 28.137’
Mode of Travel Bike
Distance Travelled 4.8km
Location of Sand Sample (lat/Long) S16° 30.435’ E145° 28.029’

The last Queensland mile beach cost me more than all the other beaches put together financially that is.

We arrived in Port Douglas mid-morning having driven down from the Atherton Tablelands. We found a quiet little back street in Port Douglas to park the Dmax and Digger. Both bikes were ridden down to the beach; yes Joanne joined me for the final mile beach quest in Queensland.

Four Mile at Port Douglas presented it’s own unique set of circumstances. I must say the riding was exceptionally easy, sand conditions were perfect and the tide was going out. We only had to contend with not riding into one of the many beachgoers. A stark contrast to the last three very isolated and deserted beaches.

We did however make it safely to the northern end just below Island Point. After recording all the normal information in the old faithful notebook and GPS, we peddled over to Macrossan Street, which is the main tourist strip for Port Douglas. After a very nice light lunch we had a look into a few beachwear shops, well I can now say Four Mile Beach might be the last mile beach for Queensland, but it also was our most costly.

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