1770 and Wreck Rock

Only if Captain Cook could see it now!

After leaving Fraser Island we were looking for a short break from the Mile Beach project. So what better place to have a short break but Wreck Rock Beach Camping Ground.

We always wanted to visit the township of 1770, since we missed out on our honeymoon some 30 years earlier; long story, not worth telling. So we planned this stop, we had been warned earlier that the caravan park at 1770 was overrun by grey nomads so best to book ahead or try somewhere else.

Wreck Rock Beach Camping Ground is a bit hard to get into with a caravan, we did have to engage 4WD and be on very diligent lookout for low hanging obstacles on the way in. From Wreck Rock Beach to 1770 there is a 9km 4WD ONLY track. This remoteness meant we knew we would be guaranteed to find a space. I am very please we chose this location see below.

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