Seven Mile Beach (SA61066)

Beach trip report

General Location Coffin Bay
Aboriginal Tribe/Language Group Banggarla people
Access to beach 4WD access onto beach
Beach Classification Tide Dominated – Reflective + sand flats
Start Date/Time 11 January 2018 18:18
Start Location (inc Lat/Log) S34° 29.349’ E135° 12.904’
End Date/Time 11 January 2018 18:57
End Location (inc Lat/Log) S34° 31.341’ E135° 21.183’
Mode of Travel Drive/Walk
Distance Travelled 9.2km
Location of Sand Sample (lat/Long) S34° 30.564’ E135° 16.501’

It must be something about South Australian mile beaches and me getting bogged, thank god there are only two of them.

Like Eight Mile Creek Beach near Whyalla, on the way to this beach, I managed to get bogged on a particularly sandy section of the track. Again, I use the generous assistance of another 4WD enthusiast in the recovery. This time they just happened to arrive at the scene by chance and I used the front of one of their cars as an anchor point for my winch.

Seven Mile Beach is a long curving beach that initially faces east, then swings round to form the southern, north-facing shore of the bay. It is fronted by sand flats up to 500 m wide, which are dominated by transverse sand ridges, then deeper seagrass meadows. Waves are usually low to calm with swell rarely reaching the shore.

Once we arrived at Seven Mile Beach we drove onto the beach with ease. The drive to the north-western end was easy going to the end. As it is the south-eastern section 3.2km can not be access by vehicle because it is a bird nesting sanctuary, so I had to make a quick dash to the end on foot.

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