Two Mile Beach (WA37043)

Beach trip report

General Location Hopetoun
Aboriginal Tribe/Language Group Wudjari Language
Access to beach road to beach access car park
Beach Classification Wave Dominated – Reflective
Start Date/Time 8 Feb 2018 06:05
Start Location (inc Lat/Log) S33° 56.575’ E120° 09.131’
End Date/Time 8 Feb 2018 06:51
End Location (inc Lat/Log) S33° 56.094’ E120° 11.926’
Mode of Travel Bike
Distance Travelled 4.29km
Location of Sand Sample (lat/Long) S33° 56.079’ E120° 11.434’

It was a race against the tide and the tide lost.

This beach is dominated by a low shore perpendicular gneiss reef that protrudes 200 metres off the beach. Waves average less than one metre in height on the sandy shore.  Having lost the race with the tide the previous day at Twelve Mile Beach , I was determined to not allow this to happen on this day. I rose very early, Joanne had the morning off, so proceeded alone to the car park at Two Mile Beach. I unloaded the bike from the back of the D-Max quickly heading down the short path to the western end of the beach.

It wasn’t real warm but once I got moving the bike and body work well; all systems were operating within acceptable parameters. By beating the incoming tide resulting in 100% bike riding the entire length of the 4.29km stretch of sand in a very good time of 46 minutes. I was then very lucky to find a nice track back through the dunes to the road. The track was 200 metres of soft sand dunes up, then down to find the Ocean Beach Road (non-flood affected section).  This option enabled returning to the carpark at the other end of the beach in under 15 minutes. So delighted with the early morning results, I thought I would reward myself with an morning swim. I returned to Two Mile Beach where I had commenced my earlier trek and met a friendly fisherman. Immediately he asked if I knew the person who had made the bike tracks that were there present in the sand. I explained I most certainly did!

We then proceed to chat for a long while about; RV travels, sheep shearing, Kalgoorlie, knee reconstructions, Achilles Tendonitis, stock markets, flight MH370 and a few other mostly important things. Then we both just stripped off and jumped into the sea for a quick refreshing dip. He was one of the nicest 80-year-old’s I have had the pleasure to chat to in quite a while.

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