Tribute to Cooktown

We first arrived in Cooktown on the 7 July 2017, and it was not until 26 August 2017 when we finally departed this fascinating place for the final time. 

For the people and the place called Cooktown we have thought it was important to pay a special tribute. During the seven weeks we made Cooktown our base while we did some amazing trips including Cape Tribulation, Cape York and Cape Bedford. However the time spent in Cooktown between these trips was always enjoyable and relaxing. The laid back lifestyle and the helpful friendliness of the locals made our stay there so enjoyable.

We had heard from some campers prior to arriving in Cooktown that there wasn’t much to do, or really that impressive about the place, however our experience was anything but the opposite. I guess if you manage to adapt to the pace and lifestyle accustomed to a location then you can benefit and enjoy what is on offer.

The most memorable aspects of Cooktown are the people we met during our stay; the locals. All the Cooktown locals were just friendly, honest and helpful. A very special thanks must  go to Nikko who really provided us we a lot of assistance and great advise.

Thankyou Cooktown we will be back someday.


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