Eyre Peninsula

It’s a wonderful place with so much to see, so much to do, can’t explain why we had to get bogged twice.

Eyre Peninsula is an unbelievably interesting diverse environment. With its amazing mining, heavy industrial centres including the Iron Ranges, to the tranquil beaches, mangroves, seagrass bays, sandstone headlands of Spencer Gulf coastline. Further south the dynamic and diverse sand dunes, coves, inlets of Coffin Bay, then following up the wild rugged western coast which is continuously buffeted by the powerful roaring forties.

We left Port Augusta, we drove down the eastern coastline to Whyalla with it’s amazing steel manufacturing history dating back to WWII important involvement. We spent a few days soaking up the attractions and completed Eight Mile Creek Beach which is just south of the industrial city.

A week free camping along the coast at two special isolated locations, watching sunrises over Spencer Gulf, swimming, snorkeling, drone fishing and beach combing. The first location was shared with other travellers, there was; Peter travelling in converted minibus, who became my drone fishing buddy. We managed to catch a small crab which I was happy for Peter to take for his dinner. Our other co-campers were mother and son Marilyn and Mat. Mat was towing his mother’s caravan with his own converted minibus.

Our next camp down the eastern coast was entirely on our own until about 15 minutes before we were about to leave, a guy parked 5 metres right in front of our van and then walked down to the nearby rocks to fish. The five days free camping was relaxing, refreshing and extremely enjoyable.

Short stop in Port Lincoln to restock and acquire a new foldout step for the caravan then onto Coffin Bay for Seven Mile Beach and a spot of kayaking. Slowly progressing up the rugged western coast of Eyre Peninsula we were captivated by the breathtaking coastal landscape.

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