Turtle Pond

Whilst in Cape Tribulation camping ground we met Jacinta and her family who had just returned from Cape York.  Jacinta had worked with Chris in Canberra – amazing the people you meet on the road!.  She gave us some great ideas of what to see up on the Cape, one of them was the turtles.

The turtles are in a lagoon at the northern end of the southern section of the Old Telegraph Track (OTT),  and was my only ‘must do’ on the track.  Sailor Creek was the last creek crossing for the southern section of the OTT and then it was time for lunch and lookout for the lagoon and turtles.  The lagoon turned out to be right beside the track and so it was turtle time.

As we only had some stale bread we tossed bits and the fish came by the dozen and with all the commotion eventually the turtles came to investigate.  To my delight lots of turtles came to the edge of the lagoon in plain view.  Chris was able to get some great shots with the gopro underwater so this was a highlight for all of us on the OTT. We would have missed this if not for chatting to people on the road.

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