Old Telegraph Track

The Old Telegraph Track has been on Chris’ bucketlist for more years than he can remember. So, there was little chance the expedition was going to bypass this iconic 4WD Track.

Following our massive hamburger lunch at the Bramwell Roadhouse, we fuelled then found the entrance to the track just to the west of the station. There is little easing into the Old Telegraph, basically you are straight into low range and having to negotiate ruts and washout right from the start.  Without our Hema Navigator we were having to rely on dead reckoning to work out where we were a lot of the time. The first few crossing were indications of things to come. With the amount of traffic that had already been on the track in the preceding few months the entrance and exits to most crossing we found were ripped up.

It is not possible to describe in detail each water crossing or event along the track, but in general we managed to complete the entire track south to north, we stopped along the way at most of the attractions including Fruit Bat, Elliot, Twin Falls, also we stopped for lunch on the second day at Jo’s bucketlist “Turtle Pond”. We also visited, and camped at Dulhunty River, southern section of the track and not far from Cannibal Creek for two nights.

Probably the most eventful aspect of the whole journey up the Old Telegraph Track was the last major water crossing, Nolan’s Brook but that requires a whole separate blog I will call the “Nolan’s Creek Incident”.

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