Gibb River Road and Mitchell Plateau

To really complete a Kimberley experience one must travel the Gibb River Road.

Finally we said goodbye to Kununurra for the four time in as many weeks and headed west towards the GRR with the intention to making it safely to Derby. We had already visited El Qestro and camped on the eastern side of the Pentecost River before one of our return trips to Kununurra for work related matters. This time we were determined to travel the entire length of the Gibb with the caravan, to experience the grandeur and diversity this special part of the Kimberley.

Our favorite Gorge would have to be Barnett Gorge,  we spent a whole day at the top of the gorge which we had all to ourselves. The journey along the road is just as eventful and entertaining as  the gorges and other special locations along the way, the following links are a photo Journal of the trip.

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