Tjoritja/West Macdonald National Park

Like so many before us, the first time you travel from Alice west through the Tjoritja/West Macdonald National Park you are overwhelmed with the majestic ruggedness and beauty of this timeless landscape.

Being the hotter season, travelling through the Tjoritja/West Macdonald in 40 plus degrees:

  • Disadvantage – Being a National Park, no power sites, no generators so no aircon camping in the caravan was challenging.
  • Advantage – Very few other tourists or travellers so camping in the Gorges was tranquil we felt spiritually connected to the environment.

In managing the excessive heat, we adjusted our daily schedule by driving in the car (air-con working overtime) or camped at one of the swimming holes. Night time temperatures were not to bad but still hot this time of year.  This is one place we really would like to return to and possible even do all or some of the 231km Larapinta Trail, obviously in cooler temperatures.

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