Three Mile Beach (WA35940)

New members join the club my son Nathan and his gorgeous girlfriend Elizabeth.

General Location Horrocks
Aboriginal Tribe/Language Group Nhanta language group
Access to beach Road access to the beach
Beach Classification Tide Modified – Reflective + low tide terrace
Start Date/Time 3 May 2018 15:53
Start Location (inc Lat/Log) S28° 21.540’ E114° 24.824’
End Date/Time 3 May 2018 16.42
End Location (inc Lat/Log) S28° 22.799’ E114° 25.731’
Mode of Travel Walk/Run
Distance Travelled 3.1km
Location of Sand Sample (lat/Long) S28° 22.156’ E114° 25.731’

Arrived at the seaside town of Horrocks, spoke with the local shopkeeper, unfortunately she had never heard of Three Mile Beach! So, slightly concerned, I walked back to our Caravan Park and rechecked my MBC research material. I then walk 60 metres down to the shoreline to stand on the southern end of Three Mile Beach. So, this mile beach was not going to be too hard to access.

All of us (Nathan, Liz, Joanne and Me) drove along the well defined 4WD track, which was situated just behind Three Mile Beach to the northern end of the beach. This happened to also be the location of some sewage treatment ponds with resident Pelican. As Joanne had volunteered to drive the D-MAX back to the Horrocks Caravan Park it was up to Liz, Nathan and myself to complete the beach.

Before we took off to walk the beach, Liz and Nathan had some flying practise with my drone. Then as we started the walk back to Horrocks, Elizabeth decided to run back. I’m not sure if she made it back before Joanne but I think it was a close finish either way, Nathan and I took our time, casually walking back along the beach. It was a great time to catch up on some of those father, son conversations that you cherish.

Once completed the post beach celebrations included fish and chips as we watched the sun set over the Indian Ocean.

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