Three Mile Beach (QLD34354)

Beach trip report

General Location Carmila, south of Mackay
Aboriginal Tribe/Language Group Guwinmal people
Access to beach Access from Carmila beach
Beach Classification Tide Dominated – Reflective + tidal mud flats
Start Date/Time 17 June 2017 09:57
Start Location (inc Lat/Log) S21° 55.853’ E149° 28.113’
End Date/Time 17 June 2017 10:42
End Location (inc Lat/Log) S21° 57.432’ E149° 28.805’
Mode of Travel Cycle
Distance Travelled 3.36km
Location of Sand Sample (lat/Long) S21° 57.086’ E149° 28.610’

My first attempt to get access onto Three Mile Beach was abandoned due to likelihood of becoming croc bate. It was left until the following mornings low tide to make the precarious crossing of the Feather Creek to cycle my first tide dominated beach.

Leaving our campsite, I cycled the 1.5km down at Carmila Beach it was a beautiful sunny day, light southerly breeze. Reaching Feather Creek for the second time, this time to find the crossing was only 8-10 metres wide and ankle deep, a lot safer crossing than 100 metres and possibly shoulder depth in places. I felt satisfied I had made the correct decision to delay my attempt from the night before.

The beach is fronted by at least a 2 km wide, rock and sand tidal flats that are widest and rockiest off Feather Creek mouth. As I was travelling south on my bike, I was pushing into a slight headwind, so the course I took along the beach was important. While it was low tide and the mudflats were exposed they did not make for very suitable riding. Tidal rippling and a loose layer of sand on the top of the mudflats made riding very difficult so I kept mainly just above where high tide limit.

I managed to ride the whole beach in complete isolation. Reaching the mouth of Flaggy Rock Creek I took the required pictures turned around and cycled back to camp, this time with the wind behind my back.


  1. I can’t imagine riding a bicycle on mudflats. I look forward to our campfire chats while you tell me about it.

    • Hi Richard yes I am also looking forward to campfire chats later next month. We might also discuss today’s little adventure with latest mile beach expedition; pulled a kayak 4km across mudflats to get to Ten Mile Beach. cheers

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