The Waterfalls

The waterfalls on the OTT are always a highlight for any traveller Cape York. We. certainly, enjoyed visiting the waterfalls. For Joanne and myself we visited all of the waterfalls more than once.

On the journey up the Old Telegraph Track (OTT) after having finished the southern section of the track we were all keen for a relaxing swim. We arrived at Fruit Bat Falls mid afternoon, it was a especially hot and sunny day, so there was no hesitation about getting into the water.

By the time we got back to the cars it was time to find our next campsite so we drive past the entrance to Elliot/Twin Falls and camped further up the OTT. Richard and Geoff were looking for a day out of the saddle so they planned to stay put in camp the next day. Joanne and I after  late breakfast, drove back down the OTT crossing back over Cannibal, Mistake, Sam and Canal Creek to visit Elliot and Twin Falls. It was well worth the trip, which included my big upstream swim. Unfortunately, I managed to leave my special hat at the Falls. So, just before getting back to camp we again turned around and drove back across Mistake, Sam and Canal Creek to get my hat!

Days later on the return journey from visiting the Tip, all four of us revisited Fruit Bat Falls for good measure making this the second visit to that place as well.

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