The Thumbs

I am lucky, apart from my wife I have a friend, mate, that I know regardless of trouble or strife he will always be by my side.

During the six months I spent in Tassie there were times Cameron provides the support and friendship I sorely need. The Thumbs is the name of Cameron’s sheep farm on the East Coast of Tasmanian.
You are a true mate Cameron I thank you for the love and friendship we share. Seriously I also must thank Charles, Isabel, Stuart, Ross, Cathy Lilly and Monty for all the care and support you all provided to me and my family; you are dear friends. I guess I better include Honey (dog), Barra (sheep) and Lucy (cow) for good measure.

The following video is GoPro footage thanks to Barra (sheep) who was the first four legged to try out the new shearing shed ramp Cameron and I built.


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