Ord River Kayak

This had to be one of the best unplanned events of our trip, three days paddling down the Ord River.

Some may say that the Rivers in the Kimberleys are not safe for recreational kayaking but we were assured that the water way between the Lake Argyle Dam and the Kununurra diversion Dam was Saltwater Croc free.

We had not planned this adventure but after spending a few days at Lake Argyle we discovered that many people take to opportunity to kayak/canoe down the Ord River. As we had our own kayaks we were able to make arrangements with the good folk at Argyle Dam Caravan Park and tours to mind our kayaks while we drove back down to Kununurra with the Caravan and DMax. The next day we returned on a tourist shuttle bus to Lake Argyle Dam where we started our three day journey down the 54km of beautiful Ord River to Kununurra.

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