One Mile Beach (NSW44146)

Beach trip report

General Location Port Stephens, north of Newcastle
Alternative Name Anna Bay
Aboriginal Tribe/Language Group Worimi people
Access to beach Road Access within walking distance
Beach Classification Wave Dominated – Intermediate – Transverse bar and rip
Start Date/Time 14 May 2017 14:04
Start Location (inc Lat/Log) S32° 46.790’ E152° 07.031’
End Date/Time 14 May 2017 14:42
End Location (inc Lat/Log) S32° 46.228’ E152° 07.220’
Mode/s of Travel Walk
Record Distance Travelled 1.3km
Location of Sand Sample (lat/Long) S32° 46.570’ E152° 06.979’

One Mile Beach, also known to surfers as Anna Bay beach is a very popular surfing and swimming beach. The beach is patrolled at the southern end with average wave height of 0.5m.

It was lovely to have our daughter Renee and her friend Jordan join us in Port Stephens for the Mother’s Day weekend even though the weather was very bleak. The Mother’s Day treat was the four of us to walk One Mile Beach together. Unfortunately, just as we were nearing the end a large rain front arrived, by the time, we completed the beach and returned to the nearby Caravan Park all of us were cold, wet but not miserable. Hot showers, warm dry cloths and a delicious meal together made up for the harsh weather.

Thanks, Renee and Jordan for travelling up from Canberra for this very special mother’s day.

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