Geraldton Loop

The dye was cast we had plans to fly back to the East on 15 March to attend family events Break in Transmission, but we still had a few weeks to explore north of Perth, so we did the Geraldton loop.

Follow a few weeks in Perth performing routine maintenance and catching up with great friends we headed north along the coast road. Our first objective was to complete the beaches around Port Denison. As luck would have we again met up with the Monden family from central coast NSW. It is quiet amazing how many fellow travellers we continue to meet time and time again. This time it was the 7 Mile Beach Camping area. So as opportunity came to pass we now had some new candidates for the Mile Beach Club. I was not expecting this would involve us having to assist Jeremy recover his Landcruiser from Seven Mile Beach as the tide was coming in. Apart from some dented pride no damage was done.

We managed to complete all the Mile Beaches with some assistance from the most unlikely of sources around the Port Denison area but you will have to read the reports to learn what happened.

A little further north we visited the seaside town of Geraldton with it’s rich maritime history. Highlights  included; guided tours of the HMAS Sydney memorial and the Geraldton Catholic Cathedral which was one of 29 designed and constructed by the renowned Monsignor Hawes. Travelling back to Perth we chose a more inland route through the north western wheat belt, along the John Howes trail and then down to visit New Norcia before arriving back in Perth for a flight east.

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