Four Mile Beach (TAS10400)

Maria Island is a very spiritual place for me, so having a mile beach on the Island was extremely significant to this quest.

General Location Maria Island
Aboriginal Tribe/Language Group Paredarerme language group
Access to beach Island ferry and 6km bike ride
Beach Classification Wave Dominated – Intermediate – Traverse Bar & Rip
Start Date/Time 15 May 2019 10:34
Start Location (inc Lat/Log) S42° 37.121’ E148° 02.249’
End Date/Time  15 May 2019 10:51
End Location (inc Lat/Log)  S42° 37.270’ E148° 02.043’
Mode of Travel walk
Distance Travelled 400 metres
Location of Sand Sample (lat/Long)  S42° 37.244’ E148° 02.130′

I choose to complete this beach by myself. I have mention Maria as being a spiritual place for me, I have visited this island more times than I can remember since i was a young teenager each time the connection, and belonging I feel for this place seems to grow. Of all the places I have travelled to in this world, I never get this same connection with self and my wellness with nature  as here on Maria. I seem to find calmness and inner peace when I arrive on the Island.

For all these reasons I chose to visit this mile beach quest alone. i caught the first ferry arrived at Darlington around 9:30am that sunny crisp May morning. I ride my bike the 6km down the coastal track to Four Mile Beach. Being a weekday and early there was no one else around.

To complete the journey along the 400 metres of this beach I chose to walk naked. I felt comfortable in doing this I wasn’t expecting to see or offend anyone.


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