11-13 Mile Beach (WA11436-WA35801)

Beach trip report

General Location Esperance
Aboriginal Tribe/Language Group Wudjari Language
Access to beach staircase walkway from carpark
Beach Classification Wave Dominated – Intermediate – Transverse bar and rip
Start Date/Time 3 February 2018 13:35
Start Location (inc Lat/Log) S33° 51.887’ E121° 42.422’
End Date/Time 3 February 2018 14:36
End Location (inc Lat/Log) S33° 52.576’ E121° 44.220’
Mode of Travel Bike
Distance Travelled 5.67km
Location of intersection (lat/Long) S33° 51.887’ E121° 42.422’
Location of Sand Sample (lat/Long) S33° 51.684’ E121° 41.485’

Two for the price of one.

Still excited and jubilant from my first nude mile beach a hour earlier we moved along the road to the adjacent car park again access to 11 Mile Beach was via a long staircase.

The previous day I run the length of Nine Mile Beach and unfortunately  develop significant achilles tendon soreness in both legs, so walking was considerably difficult, however riding a bike wasn’t as painful. So of course, I rode the bike that day on all three beaches.

Eleven Mile Beach is west of Ten Mile Lagoon Beach separated by a granite rocky outcrop, it then extends further west for about 6 km with the western half called Thirteen Mile Beach. The beach terminates as it begins to curve round to the southwest against the rocks of Butty Harbour. Joanne again decided to remain with the D-Max and Digger at the clifftop car park.

As Eleven Mile Beach and Thirteen Mile Beach are one continuous stretch of sand there is no defining start and finish, so I designated my own division at what I thought was the most logical location. I peddled the 6km along the beaches then turned around and rode back into a strong easterly.

Joanne was waiting patiently back at the 11 Mile Beach car park became a little concerned when a local ambulance arrived. She thought I had used the satellite phone and called for assistance however even with problems with my Achilles tendon I managed to make it back safely without needing any assistance.

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