Cairns to Cobbold Gorge

For the first time in our trip we had no schedule or agenda to observe, it was a little weird. It was 3 September 2017 departing Cairns, all we knew was had to head West. We had no choice but to start making some decisions about where to go.

After much deliberation, we decided to explore the Savannah Way, not wanting to back-track over old ground we head out along the Wheelbarrow Way out past the railway town of Dimbulah. We free camped our first night at Eureka Creek on the Burke Development Road. The following morning I fitted new Rock Tamers to the back of the D-Max, I had purchase on the way out of Cairns. Further on we used the alternative track from Almaden to Mount Surprise to join the Gulf Development Road. About halfway along this alternative track we came upon a great overnight campsite; a disused railway cattle yards, Lyndbrook. The cattle yards must have been used to transport cattle on trains bound for Cairns, but now the railway line that passes by, I guess is only used by the tourist train, Savannahlander.

We spent the next night just outside Georgetown at Cumberland Historic Chimney Campsite, old ghost mining town where we met fellow Kokoda Caravan owners. The next day it was onto Cobbold Gorge, for the afternoon Gorge walk and boat tour. Our tour guides Sarah and George were extremely knowledgeable about the history and environment relating to the Gorge and the surroundings district. It was especially fascinating to hear stories about the Terry fam’ily cattle station owners who developed the Cobbold tourist experience.

After the enjoyable tour, we returned to the camping ground to have a late afternoon swim in the infinity pool and then some golf practice at the adjacent dam. As the floating golf balls were $2 each to hire I was responsible for retrieving the $10 worth that Joanne, Sarah (the Guide) hit into the lake. I used one of the kayaks provided for such purpose, fortunately I managed to retrieve all the floating golfballs for a complete refund.

The next day we had a late start, driving back up the dusty road to Georgetown, amazing diesel was $1.19 litre in this remote town, best price we have obtained anywhere so far, extraordinary. We then returned to the Cumberland Historic Chimney Campsite for a second overnight visit before continuing west along the Savannah Way.

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