Mile Beach Reports

Our intention is to visit every “something” mile beach as part of our around Australia travel. At each nominated beach one of us will travel the length of the beach by either vehicle, kayak, jet ski, bike or by foot. While travelling the length of each beach I intend to photograph or film the expedition to the best of my ability and the following are the reports.

Reference Beach name State Near location Visited
VIC9134 Eight Mile Beach NT Groote Eylandt 8 Aug 2022
VIC26971 Three and Five Mile Beach VIC Wilsons Promontory 7-8 Aug 2019
TAS14155 Four Mile Creek Beach TAS St Marys 26 May 2019
TAS02984 Nine Mile Beach TAS Swansea 25 May 2019
TAS09394 Mile Beach TAS Barilla Bay 19 May 2019
TAS11865 Five Mile Beach TAS Pitt Water 19 May 2019
TAS04268 Seven Mile Beach TAS Where I Grew Up 19 May 2019
TAS10400 Four Mile Beach TAS Maria Island 15 May 2019
TAS11885 Two Mile Beach TAS Dunalley 25 Apr 2019
TAS17823 Four Mile Beach TAS Granville Harbour 19 Apr 2019

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Mile Beach Map

On the following map is the location of all the Mile Beaches I have or intend to visit.
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Criteria for selection of mile beaches

Using Geoscience Australia Discovery and Delivery System – Place Names Search. it was discovered there are 48 beaches around Australia with such names. There are many other beaches I have learned along the way that have localized names. There is a beach near Stanley, TAS official name is Anthony Beach but is commonly referred to by the locals as Seven Mile Beach . In the interest of keeping some relevance to the basis of this project it was excluded as I have come across so many more. However there is beach in the central western Victoria, on Lake Hindmarsh which  is called Four Mile Beach and this was included. Well you figure that one out….

To find about what inspired the name, read What is the Mile Beach Club?