Chris’s 4WD Driver Training Braidwood (21-22 January)

The DMAX at Braidwood

I was informed there are areas in Australia where access is restricted to only 4WD drivers who have nationally recognised driver certification. Well even if this is not true I believe there is significant benefit in participating in an accredited 4WD training course.

Following a considerable amount of research looking for a quality course I chose Great Divide Tours – 4WD Training and Tours with Vic‎. However, I left my booking a bit late so I was unable to attend a scheduled group training course. Luckily, Vic had an open weekend during late January so I attended a one on one instructional course. While the cost was a little more, the trade-off was I exclusively had his expertise for two days’ instruction.

While I already have many years of experience driving 4WD off-road especially on beach and rough mountain terrain it was without doubt two days well spent. Vic was extremely informative and provided clear and precise instruction on handling my D-Max in a variety of off road conditions. The course was a good balance of practical and theoretical tuition. Vic’s Braidwood property is a purpose built 4WD training centre including a range of track and features to challenge and train any 4WD enthusiast.

Some of the activities and instruction in the two days included:

  • Advanced wheel placement
  • Advanced water/mud driving
  • Stall start forward & reverse recovery
  • Extremely steep incline and decline driving
  • How to cross deep washouts
  • Night driving techniques
  • Hands on use of snatch straps/winches (electric or manual) and other advanced recovery techniques
  • Instruction on tyre repairs and tyre changing
  • Instruction on bush welding techniques

Overall, I have come away with a nationally accredited 4WD certificate but more importantly my confidence and knowledge to handle all the challenges off-road driving has to offer. Most importantly I have a better understanding of the limitations of myself as a driver and my vehicle. I was lucky to have my very my good friend Brendan to accompany me for the weekend. We had a very enjoyable and informative two days with Vic and his good friend Wayne.


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