The seagull

Seagull bannerYou may have noticed on our website the little sketch of a seagull in the top right hand corner. Lovely Rowan who has designed our website has drawn this sketch up and suggested it as our logo/talisman – very cute huh.

Whilst wondering where Chris was on his cycle on 5 Mile Beach (beach number 2) it was my first solo expedition to drive bush tracks and locate him (trust worthy of him huh).  So I park and stroll down the track to the beach and there are tell-tale tyre tracks but no Chris! Time to sit and ponder where the hell was he. This scenario then made rule number 1 – there was to be progress reports every hour or following hour via text, phone or satellite phone or the next hour if mobile reception had to be sourced. By the 3 hour mark would I be allowed to get a bit concerned?

Getting back to my good omen moment – whilst sitting on the sand a young seagull came hopping up to me and stood as game as anything right at my toes.  After a while his parent flew in and he went off squawking for any morsels being offered. Minutes later he was back at my side. I must have been calmer than I was feeling with no sign of Chris and the young seagull must have thought I was an enormous seagull substitute for mum until she returned!

So Rowan’s independent idea of our seagull logo and this little nature experience of mine has given me a lovely sense of good MOJO for the mile beach expedition and beyond.


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