The DMAX Fit Out

Fit outHistory

My last 4WD was a trusty petrol Toyota Prado. Prior to that I have owned a Mitsubishi Pajero both of which were great vehicles and were used often to get our growing family out into the county and off the beaten track into some of the wilder parts of south eastern Australia. However the Prado was getting a bit long in the tooth and only legally has a 2.5 tonne towing capacity. So I was in the market for a reliable vehicle that met the following criteria:

  • Common Rail Diesel
  • 3.5 tonne braked towing capacity
  • very low km
  • Comfortable

Stock standard DMAXI was originally thinking this would be a Toyota something but the something was a little difficult to work out. The cost for just a standard Toyota was really outside our budget. But I was convinced given time I would find something that would suit our needs. It took a realistic and creative imagination to come up with the ideal solution, and I’m not talking about mine.

Why the Dmax

Joanne persuaded me to consider looking at the Isuzu D-Max as an alternative. This was a very sound decision both on price and durability which ended up allowing us to build the vehicle that would suit our needs. Thanks Joanne, well done.

We ended up getting a good deal through our local Isuzu dealership for a brand new 2015 SX Model ute. The SX is the absolute basic model. The way I looked at it was why pay for extra fit out when I was going to pull most of it off anyway.

So we got a very basic clean skin vehicle then the fun began. I started researching and shopping around for what I needed to make this vehicle fit for purpose and capable of getting us to the places we want to explore.

The fit out

The D-Max sat in the driveway for a few weeks while I shopped around and then after some negotiation it went to ARB in Fyshwick for a major fit out which included the following:

  • Ascent Canopy, with lift up tinted windows both sides. Windows lock with vehicles central locking
  • ARB alloy roof cage, 1850 x 1250mm 100kg capacity mounted on canopy
  • Rhino-Rack roof bar aerodynamic bar 75kg capacity mounted on cabin roof
  • ARB deluxe steel bullbar
  • Front and side rails with steel steps
  • ARB rear step tow bar 3500/350kg
  • Winch warn ZEON 10-S 10000lb 12V DC 30.48m x 9.52mm synthetic rope
  • Recovery point front left hand side, max. strap rating 8000kg, shackle rating 4.75t
  • Long range fuel tank ARB frontier polymer 130L
  • Outback cargo two draw system with roller floor on left hand side

Following the ARB fit out the Dmax returned home for about two weeks while additional bits were delivered from online purchases. The additional fit out then commenced over the following few months including:

  • EFS suspension upgrade and lift kit
  • Clearview mirrors
  • DS50 fridge drop slide
  • Tyre monitor system: blue tooth system that checks each wheel (vehicle and trailer) tyre pressure and temperature. This is one safety device that could provide warning before tyre failure.
  • Caravan electric brake control redarc TOW PRO * ELITE
  • Roo system side canopy 2.5m x 2.5m
  • UHF radio GME TX3550s 80 channel handpiece controls
  • Fuel manager system: probably one of the smartest inclusions as the factory systems don’t always indicate in time when water is present in the fuel
  • Safari snorkel – obvious improvement for long range engine performance able to deliver better air to the combustion rail
  • BushSkinz 4×4 Front, sump & transmission guard/bash plate combo
  • Second battery with Redarc smart start isolation system
  • Turbo timer – is basically just a friendly reminder to keep the car running on idle for a while after a long hard haul
  • Air compressor for tyre inflation and ARB air locker
  • Anderson plugs for connection to caravan
  • Touring lights 7′ spots and 32′ bars for the front and two 6′ bars for rear
  • Hema HX-1 Navigator
  • Berrima diesel EDS computer data scan tool
  • MSA 50 fridge slide
  • Extra 12 volt outlets in glove box and rear canopy
  • Cabin flooring fit out including Dynomat adhesive liner, carpet underlay – acoustic liner foam sound insulation and tailored car floor mats
  • Neoprene seat and steering wheel cover
  • Window tinting

More things to follow

  • Performance quality light truck 4×4 tyres
  • Rear air locker

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  1. Hi Chris. Great info on your Dmax fit out. Thank you!

    We have a 2015 Dmax and its been great. We are about to fit an ARB Summit Deluxe steel bullbar same as yours and I already have Bushskinz bash plates. Im keen to confirm please….

    You have Bushskinz plates AND an ARB bullbar AND Bushskinz plates…..Im keen to know it’s all compatible. Can you confirm your set up for me please?



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